Reflective Phone Holder Vest

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  • USER FRIENDLY: A waterproof, touchscreen phone pouch is designed to allow you to seamlessly access your phone while you run. This allows you to change songs, check maps, or even share your new PR's on Strava with your friends!
  • PERFORMANCE: Material shape offers a full range of motion without interrupting arm swing. 
  • ADJUSTABLE: This can be adjusted to give the perfect fit for any body type. 
  • QUALITY: Reflective Neoprene material on the front on the back of the vest. Reflective elements can be found on the phone pouch. 
  • STORAGE: With pockets in the right places, weight is distributed evenly. This vest has two side pockets for your energy boosters, keys, or inhalers. And a center pouch to fit a mobile phone. Not sure if your phone will fit? Take a look at the table below.
  • WASHING: We recommend a Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry. Avoid extreme heat. Please don't put the vest directly on a radiator due to the risk of melting the plastics.

 Maximum dimensions for phone pouch

160mm (16cm)
95mm (9.5cm)
  • SIZING: 
 Minimum Waist Size Maximum Waist Size
26 Inches 52 Inches