Brand New

The NIghtVision Range

How NightVision Works

The NightVision range works by providing high-visibility illumination during low-light conditions. The NightVision light, which is a portable and attachable LED light, can be easily mounted on various products such as jackets, vests, belts, gilets, and bike mounts using a hook and loop system. This versatile system allows users to adapt the light to different environments and activities. With its powerful light output and adjustable settings, the NightVision range enhances visibility and safety for walkers, runners, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring they can be seen clearly in the dark.

Features of the NightVision Range

The NightVision light boasts versatile compatibility with a range of mounts, enhancing its adaptability for various activities. Attach it effortlessly to jackets, vests, belts, gilets, and even bike mounts via the secure hook and loop mechanism. This flexibility ensures optimal positioning and visibility, making it an ideal choice for runners, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Experience enhanced safety, comfort, and convenience as you personalize your lighting solution with ease using our innovative NightVision mounts.

The NightVision light offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing seamless transfer between different gear without any hassle. Whether you're transitioning from running to cycling or changing jackets, our innovative design ensures effortless versatility. With its easy-to-attach mechanism, you can switch the light between various mounts in seconds, giving you the freedom to adapt your safety gear according to your activity. This convenience eliminates the need for complicated adjustments or tools, making it a truly user-friendly solution for staying visible and safe during all your outdoor endeavors.

The NightVision light boasts exceptional adaptability, allowing both horizontal and vertical mounting options. This unique feature stems from the LED's design, which provides an encompassing flood of light to your surroundings. Unlike traditional lights that cause distracting bouncing effects, our technology ensures a steady and uniform illumination. This means you can confidently attach the light in your preferred orientation without worrying about glare or discomfort. Whether you're attaching it to your jacket, vest, or bag, the NightVision light guarantees optimal visibility and safety without any interference, enhancing your overall outdoor experience.

🍀 Guaranteed Irish

At our electronics factory in Ballon, County Carlow, some aspects of production, including electronics and assembly, comes together seamlessly. Leveraging the wealth of experience from our parent company, we've harnessed their expertise to craft the NightVision light. This innovative product is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, all proudly originating from our facilities right here in the heart of Carlow.

💯 Stylish Design

Our NightVision Range boasts an effortlessly cool and stylish design across the range. With a focus on both safety and fashion, our products, including reflective vests and LED gear, blend functionality seamlessly with trendy aesthetics. We try to take away the council worker stigma from road safetywear. Stay protected in a sleek and modern way with Bodylite.

💡 Constant Innovating

At Bodylite, innovation is our driving force. We're committed to continually pushing the boundaries and exploring new horizons in order to enhance road safety. Our dedication to constant innovation led to the creation of the Night Vision light, a revolutionary product that opens up a world of possibilities. As we move forward, we're excited to develop even more products that complement and enhance the versatility of the Night Vision light, ensuring that road users stay safe and stylish in every situation.