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Product Testing October 2023

Product Testing October 2023

Those darker evenings really start to creep in as soon as we hit October. You can definitely begin to notice the slight changes in cooler weather too. People usually start to up their use of reflectivity around now, using brighter/fluorescent colours during the day and opting for tops/jackets with reflective strips or hi vis reflective vests in the evenings. Whichever you choose, it will help with making all road users aware of the presence of one another. This year we introduced our new NightVision Range and October is the perfect time to get some more testing done on our latest products.

Led Waist bag & NightVision Light 

Led Waist bag

"The Nightvision belt and Nightvision light. It is an excellent combo for dark evenings and mornings. Keeps my phone and full set of keys securely stored."  - Barry

"Absolutely loving the night vision belt it’s brilliant I love the colour especially with the pink glow at night time. I have used it on 3 of my runs so far ,the pocket is very flexi  it’s my phone and bunch of keys fit in side easily I sometimes carry energy gels on my longer adventures I am sure I am confident I’d get one of them in there too, and  it so handy to grab your phone on the run." - Aisling

"Took my night vision belt out for a run this evening. It's very first outing. It's surprisingly big and holds a lot more than I thought it would. I had my phone and car keys in it and I still had more room if needed to pop anything else in. Love the flashing lights too." - Sinead

"I wore this today and ran 13 miles and by god tis is a serious product. I carried a gel and my keys and forgot I was wearing it. It’s feather light and has massive storage .I highly recommend this for runners and walkers and I’m delighted with it. Ran 13 miles with this today and I didn’t even know I was wearing it .It’s extremely lightweight and I loved the belt .This is top quality and lots of room in the pouch if u wanted to carry a phone with u" - Ellen

NightVision Light

"The night vision light is like a head light in the car it’s fantastic for going out in the dark I used it on my favourite route in the Killarney national park over the weekend there is no street lights in there so it is completely dark the night vision light really lit up the path ahead of me it gave me great confidence in the dark I was very happy with it , looking forward to my next run in the dark." - Aisling

"It puts out a really good amount of light! I was so impressed honestly, and also didn’t realise it has different settings until after so more to be trialled later this week! Honestly though a full 10k and didn’t have to readjust it once. First time taking it out for a run and wow I have to say I am really impressed it didn’t budge once all the way through! It was so comfortable and didn’t feel bulky or heavy!" - Shannan

"I had it flashing from the back and the lads coming behind me could see me all the way till they overtook me. I’ll be taking this everywhere including a walk with my dog in the evenings."- Ellen

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