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5 Tips for Couch to 5K

5 Tips for Couch to 5K

Are you considering going from couch to 5k and have little to no running experience? Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place. Everybody has to start somewhere and here I will outline just a few tips to help get you started on your running journey. 

1 Bring a friend: Some people prefer to go alone and enjoy it tremendously. If you can keep yourself motivated and truly enjoy solo training, then that's great. But if you do struggle a little with motivating yourself then asking a friend to join you is a great idea and you can offer each other support. Additionally you might consider joining a running group. Sometimes there will be a running group set up in your community and it will include lots of people interested in running at various levels of fitness. Not only will training alongside others motivate you it, it's also a fantastic social outlet. 

2 Try an app: When beginning your training, try an app. You can find some that are easy to use, have a quick set up and as an added bonus, completely free! The app’s track your progress so you can see how you’re doing, how far you’ve come and what to do next. If you have a running partner you could suggest the app and add a slight competitive element to your training. The app’s are also useful in sticking to your goal and what days you need to train and so on. 

3 Invest in decent running shoes: This is an invaluable tip. Honestly, there is no worse feeling than having ran 5km in the wrong shoes. You will end up in so much unnecessary pain afterwards and it will deter you from completing your training. There are so many options out there to choose from. A lot of the best brands of runners will have options available in such a variable price range and they will last a long time.  

4 Consider some dietary changes: While you are embarking on this running journey it would be smart to take a look at your current diet. Some foods will give you energy and make you want to get out and exercise while others will take all the energy from you and literally leave you just wanting the couch. Up your intake of water also, as we all know how beneficial it is and your body will thank you for it. Look up some easy meal plan ideas online if you need inspiration or simply cut out the foods you know to be problematic as the training goes on. 

 5 Don’t give up: Nobody said it would be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. If your plan is getting tough, slow down a little, even take it down to a walk. The training plans for 5k usually means training for about 3 out of 7 days. Take it easy if you’re having a tough day and pick it back up on the next day. 

There are so many opportunities that open up to you when you begin this new active lifestyle. The opportunities to reach personal goals, meet new people and even join race days around the country. Give these 5 tips a try and see how it works for you. The health benefits will surely be enough get you off the couch but we wont burn the couch just yet, rest days are important too.

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