NightViz Bike/Scooter Mount

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*NightViz Light not included (Can be bought separately)

The NightViz Bike Mount is a rugged and reliable accessory designed to enhance your nighttime cycling and scooting experience. Crafted from durable PVCU for the platform section and featuring silicone straps for secure attachment to your handlebars, this mount ensures your NightViz Light is perfectly positioned for superior visibility on your rides. Proudly made and designed in Ireland, it reflects the commitment to quality and innovation that defines Bodylite.


  • Material: PVCU platform section, silicone straps
  • NightViz Compatibility: Exclusively designed for use with the NightViz Light
  • Installation: Effortless attachment and detachment from handlebars
  • Origin: Manufactured and designed with precision in Ireland
  • Sizing & Mounting: You will need a 24cm spacing to fit the Bike/Scooter mount. The silicone straps are set in place and cannot be moved. This is perfect for most handlebars, but please measure beforehand o make sure it is compatible with your bike or scooter.

Key Features:

  • Secure Placement: The PVCU platform section provides a stable and durable base for your NightVision Light, keeping it securely in place on your handlebars.

  • Designed for NightViz: This bike mount is meticulously engineered to perfectly accommodate the NightViz Light, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Effortless Installation: Easily attach and detach the mount from your handlebar, allowing for quick adjustments or removal when needed.

  • Irish Craftsmanship: Crafted and designed entirely in Ireland, this mount embodies the quality and innovation that characterizes Bodylite products.

The NightViz Bike Mount is your trusted companion for safe and illuminated nighttime cycling adventures. Explore the roads with confidence, knowing you have the power of Irish engineering and innovation supporting your ride.