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Product Testing August 2023

Product Testing August 2023

It’s been a busy year to date and finally this month we began to introduce the exciting new NightVision Range! We had our testers try out our newest products.  We are a road safety sports  brand so included in the NightVision range were items which light up so you may be seen and items that light the way ahead. We thought we would have our testers try out some of our products better suited to summer months, for now as there were a nice few to choose from.

NightVision LED Belt

The NightVision LED waist bag is one of the products from our new NightVision range. This bag was designed to fit all with its handy adjustable straps. An extender strap comes with the LED waist bag to allow for more space if needed. During the designing process of the waist bag we wanted to ensure that it could be used by everybody so we wanted to make it available in 4 different colours. Each colour vibrant and keeping with the road safety aspect that matter tremendously to us. 

We had 5 of our testers try out this brand new product, and here’s what they thought.


“The Running belt is really lightweight and streamlined. My phone with a bulky case fits snug inside and best of all you can hardly feel you’re wearing the pouch. Easy to wear either keeping it facing the front or I found it more comfortable to keep the pouch against my back. It feels secure, easy to put on and comfortable.” - Alan

“Doesn’t bounce or chafe, making it suitable for long runs or extended hikes. The extension strap provided will be good for post-Christmas dinner walks! The belt pouch did hold out most water from the recent heavy spells of rain. The stretchy pouch comfortably holds all my gels, a phone and key for long runs and does not bounce on my waist. The NightVision Belt is a fantastic addition to any outdoor enthusiasts’ gear collection.”- Keith


“The waist belt is a useful piece of kit. The clip is strong and never popped open.The pouch is the right size to carry my phone.”- Oliver


“Last Sunday I used it as a key holder during my leg of the Longford marathon relay. I was pleasantly surprised that it kept the car key nice and dry. On a longer 12k run, I used it as a gel pouch. The fact that I could wipe the inside was great as I could store the gel pouch until I got home and dispose of it correctly. So far I find it very light and comfortable” - Barry

 “Really happy with this product. You can fit other essentials in it if needed like your keys or cash etc. Would also be ideal for hikes or travelling. It's very cool to run outside with it because of the light-reflecting effect. The lamp ahead is very bright which increases the security at night. I used this for my evening runs now that it's getting darker earlier. I feel a lot safer on the road. Brilliant that it comes with an extra strap and the battery is rechargeable. No excuse for not running in the dark.” - Alan

"Provides exceptional visibility in low-light conditions. The LED strip embedded in the belt is bright and effective. I liked that you can add on additional lighting if desired. The belt can be worn to the front or rear depending on what visibility you want. The heavy duty zipper was more than adequate. Cyclists could fit an additional inner tube or tools in the pouch which might help cycle touring. Battery life is impressive, too. The rechargeable battery can last for several hours on a single charge." - Keith

 "The led light is very bright and makes walking / running at night very safe." - Oliver


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