List is filtered by dog size (Large dogs at the top)
Dog Breed Size (cm) Size (inch) Doggylite V2 Compatible
English Mastiff 71-97cm 28-38″ No
Newfoundland 66-81cm 26-32" No
St Bernard 66-81cm 26-32" No
Bullmastiff 66-71cm 26-28" No
Great Pyrenees 61-76cm 24-30″ No
Rottweiler 61-76cm 24-30" No
Bloodhound 59-71cm 22-28" No
Cane Corso 56-76cm 22-30″ No
Australian Cattle Dog 56-70cm 22-28″ No
Blue Heeler 56-70cm 22-28″ No
Bouvier Des Flanders 56-66cm 22-26″ No
Caucasian Shepherd 56-66cm 22-26″ No
Great Dane 51-66cm 20-26″ Measurement required
Leonberger 51-66cm 20-26" Measurement required
Japanese Akita 51-61cm 20-24" Measurement required
Rhodesian Ridgeback 51-58cm 20-23" Measurement required
Irish Wolfhound 50-69cm 20-27″ Measurement required
Bernese Mountain Dog 50-66cm 20-26” Measurement required
Dogo Argentino 50-66cm 20-26″ Measurement required
Schnauzer (Giant) 50-66cm 20-26″ Measurement required
Chow Chow 50-65cm 20-26″ Measurement required
Akita 50-60cm 20-24″ Measurement required
Black And Tan Coonhound 48-58cm 19-23″ Measurement required
Airedale Terrier 48-55cm 19-22" Yes
British Bulldog 46-61cm 18-24" Measurement required
Doberman Pinscher 46-61cm 18-24″ Measurement required
English Setter 46-61cm 18-24″ Measurement required
Flat Coated Retriever 46-61cm 18-24 Measurement required
Gordon Setter 46-61cm 18-24" Measurement required
Old English Sheepdog 46-61cm 18-24" Measurement required
German Shepherd 46-60cm 18-24" Measurement required
Labrador 46-60cm 18-24" Measurement required
Alaskan Malamute 46-56cm 18-22″ Yes
Borzoi 46-56cm 18-22" Yes
Collie 46-56cm 18-22" Yes
Greyhound 46-50cm 18-20" Yes
Bulldog (English) 45-62cm 18-24″ Measurement required
Doberman 45-61cm 18-24″ Measurement required
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 45-60cm 18-24" Measurement required
Wheaten Terrier 45-55cm 18-22″ Yes
Australian Shepherd 41-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Boxer 41-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Weimaraner 41-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Afghan Hound 41-51cm 16-20″ Yes
Samoyed 41-51cm 16-20" Yes
Dalmatian 41-50cm 16-20″ Yes
Labradoodle 41-50cm 16-20" Yes
Bearded Collie 41-48cm 16-19" Yes
Fox Terrier 41-45cm 16-18" Yes
Golden Retriever 40-61cm 16-24″ Measurement required
American Indian Dog 40-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Basset Hound 40-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Goldendoodle (Standard) 40-56cm 16-22" Yes
Irish Setter 40-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Siberian Husky 40-56cm 16-22″ Yes
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard 40-53cm 16-21″ Yes
American Eskimo 40-50cm 16-20″ Yes
Belgian Malinois 40-50cm 16-20″ Yes
Irish Terrier 40-50cm 16-20″ Yes
Shar Pei 40-50cm 16-20″ Yes
Hungarian Vizsla 38-66cm 15-18" Measurement required
Vizsla 38-56cm 15-22″ Yes
Australian Kelpie 38-53cm 15-21″ Yes
Portuguese Water Dog 38-50cm 15-20″ Yes
German Short Haired Pointer 38-43cm 15-17″ Yes
Cairn Terrier 37-42cm 14-16″ Yes
Schnauzer (Standard) 36-51cm 14-20″ Yes
Springer Spaniel 36-46cm 14-18″ Yes
Corgi 36-41cm 14-16" Yes
Scottish Terrier 35-50cm 14-20″ Yes
Staffordshire Terrier 35-50cm 14-20″ Yes
Bichon Frise 35-46cm 14-18″ Yes
American Pit Bull Terrier 35-45cm 14-18” Yes
Border Collie 35-45cm 14-18″ Yes
Pit Bull 35-45cm 14-18″ Yes
Bedlington Terrier 35-45cm 14-18″ Yes
Lhasa Apso 35-45cm 14-18" Yes
Shiba Inu 35-43cm 14-17″ Yes
Shih Tzu 35-42cm 14-16" Yes
Pomeranian 35-41cm 14-16" Yes
West Highland Terrier 35-41cm 13-15″ Yes
Britany 35-40cm 14-16″ Yes
Goldendoodle (Miniature) 35-40cm 14-16″ Yes
Pembroke Welsh Corgi 35-40cm 14-16″ Yes
Welsh Pembroke Corgi 35-40cm 14-16" Yes
Lurcher 33-50cm 13-20″ Yes
Saluki 33-46cm 13-18" Yes
American Eskimo Miniature 33-40cm 13-16” Yes
Rat Terrier 33-40cm 13-16″ Yes
Whippet 33-38cm 13-15″ Yes
Beagle 30-46cm 12-18″ Yes
Cocker Spaniel 30-46cm 12-18″ Yes
English Bull Terrier 30-46cm 12-18" Yes
Puggle (Pug/Beagle) 30-46cm 12-18" Yes
Bull Terrier 30-45cm 12-18″ Yes
Poodle (Standard) 30-45cm 12-18″ Yes
Boston Terrier 30-45cm 12-18″ Yes
Dachshund (Standard) 30-41cm 12-16″ Yes
French Bulldog 30-41cm 12-16″ Yes
Labradoodle Miniature 30-41cm 12-16″ Yes
Pug 30-41cm 12-16″ Yes
Bulldog (French) 30-40cm 12-16″ Yes
Pekingese 30-40cm 12-16″ Yes
Shetland Sheepdog 28-46cm 11-18" Yes
Border Terrier 28-33cm 11-13″ Yes
Shichon 25-45cm 10-18″ Yes
Cavapoo 25-41cm 10-16" Yes
Cockapoo 25-41cm 10-16" Yes
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 25-40cm 10-16″ Yes
Poodle (Miniature) 25-40cm 10-16″ Yes
Schnauzer (Miniature) 25-40cm 10-16″ Yes
King Charles Cavalier 25-40cm 10-16″ Yes
Australian Shepherd Miniature 25-36cm 10-14" Yes
Cavachon 25-36cm 10-14" Yes
Jack Russell 25-36cm 10-14″ Yes
Maltese Terrier 25-36cm 10-14″ Yes
Schipperke 25-36cm 10-14" Yes
Basenji 25-35cm 10-14″ Yes
Pharaoh Hound 25-35cm 10-14" Yes
Silky Terrier 25-35cm 10-14″ Yes
Yorkshire Terrier 25-30cm 10-12" Yes
Poodle (Toy) 20-36cm 8-14″ Yes
Chihuahua 20-35cm 8-14″ Yes
Dachshund (Miniature) 20-30cm 8-12″ Yes
Havanese 20-30cm 8-14″ Yes
Papillon 20-30cm 8-12″ Yes
Greyhound Italian 20-28cm 8-11″ Yes
Pinscher Miniature 20-28cm 8-11″ Yes
Chinese Crested 20-28cm 8-11″ Yes
Italian Greyhound 20-28cm 8-11″ Yes
Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup) 10-20cm 4-8" Yes