Club Discounts

Club Discounts

Club Discounts: Gear Up for Safety Together!

At Bodylite, we understand the importance of safety in numbers. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our exclusive Club Discounts program, specially tailored for walking groups, running clubs, cycling teams, and triathlon groups. Now, you and your teammates can enjoy great discounts when you gear up for safety together.

How It Works:

Form Your Group: Gather your fellow outdoor enthusiasts, whether you're a tight-knit running club, a dynamic cycling team, or a friendly triathlon group.

Determine Your Size: The larger your group, the greater the discount. Discounts vary based on the number of participants, so the more, the merrier!

Select Your Gear: Choose from our extensive range of reflective clothing, cycling accessories, running essentials, and more. We offer a wide selection to suit your specific needs.

Bulk Order & Save: Place a bulk order for your group's selected gear. As the size of your order increases, so does your savings.

The Benefits:

Safety First: Equip your group with high-quality, safety-enhancing gear designed to protect everyone during your outdoor activities.

Unbeatable Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts that grow as your group grows, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

Promote Unity: Fostering a sense of togetherness and unity within your club or group by outfitting everyone in matching gear.

Quality Assurance: Rest easy knowing that all Bodylite products are rigorously tested for quality and performance, ensuring you receive top-notch gear.

Ready to Get Started?

Gear up your club or group for safer and more enjoyable adventures. To learn more about our Club Discounts program and get a customized quote based on your group's size and needs, please contact our team at

Join the Bodylite Club Discounts Program Today and Enhance Safety in Numbers!