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30 Minutes A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

30 Minutes A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Did you know that getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day means living longer and happier lives? This can be any kind of moderate to vigorous exercise you like. To move continuously for at least 30 minutes is the key. While this is essential for weight loss it is equally as important for your mind and here’s why. 

Running improves your mental health: It’s a well known fact by now that getting active, moving around, muscle building and generally getting outside has amazing effects on our mental health. Just waking up to a bright sunny morning in April can give your mood a lift. 

Running/Walking can reduce stress: It’s hard to think about that long list of things you need to get done when you’re out running. It’s even harder to worry about the bills that need paying. Not only that but once you get moving, your body releases endorphins, giving you those feel good hormones. Creating a sense of calm within your body and mind that will significantly reduce your stress levels. 

Can alleviate symptoms of depression: For mild to moderate depression, the thought of running would usually not appeal due to low mood, lack of motivation and fatigue. Getting out of the house for 30 minutes for any form of exercise can create different thinking patterns, creating space in your mind for something other than what’s been getting you down or give you a different perspective on it. By just being outdoors, this will lessen any feelings of loneliness. Getting your body moving is a healthy way of coping through tough times and gaining a sense of well-being. 

So now we know how great running and walking is for the mind, what about our bodies? Physical activity has amazing effects on our bodies, below I will detail them. 

Running improves your memory: Have you ever noticed how bad your memory becomes in times of high stress? Or you start forgetting things. It can be hard to keep our thoughts in line when there is so much to think and worry about. When we run our bodies naturally de stress, if we run every day our bodies become less stressed hence our brain functions better.  

Running improves your sleep/productivity: Physical activity attributes to a good mood and better night’s sleep. The less stressed we become, the better we sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep in turn increases productivity. It’s hard to be motivated to do anything after a bad night’s sleep so it’s no surprise that the better we sleep, the better we perform. 

Improves bone, joint and muscle health: By getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity in every day, you will be improving the overall health of your joints, muscles and bones. Nowadays, a lot of people are sitting at a desk or driving for 8 hours a day or more. Overtime, muscles will weaken if they are not used. As the saying goes, “use it, or lose it” and that unfortunately is especially true here. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite running shoes and hit the road running! (Safely, of course)

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