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Product Testing December 2023

Product Testing December 2023

December marked the end of a very successful year for all of us here at Bodylite. With the introduction of our latest range of safety active wear making a big impact, we wanted our product tester to try out our selection of jackets and gilets. Our NightVision jackets and gilets are compatible with the new NightVision light. When wearing both, this allows for wind and rain protection along with the ability to see the road ahead and be as visible as possible to all road users. The light can be attached at the front or back of the jacket/gilet and has multiple settings depending on your needs. Using an additional light (one at the front, one at the back) will increase visibility hugely. We also had our testers try out the fully reflective jacket and gilet. Another worth while investment for protection on our roads, the fully reflective jacket and gilet can be see by lights on an oncoming car from far away. Here's what our testers thought.
NightVision Jacket & Gilet
"I love the gilet really comfortable to wear, I found it very light and breathable while on the move the medium size fit me nicely. It pairs so well with the pink running top" - Aisling
"The gilet is fab! I’d say for female sizing I’d size down! I’m a 10 on top and the medium is loose-ish! It’s super comfortable to run in it doesn’t catch and the ventilated back is great especially in weather like this! You can always tell when something has been designed for a runner by a runner” - Liz
"I love the jacket! I didn’t need the light today but the material I could not get over how comfortable and breathable it was I thought I was going to be in sweats!! I cannot wait to try it fully with the light in the evenings" - Shannan
"I really love the jacket and the venting in the underarm and down the side of the jacket, if your out training for an extended period of time you wont over heat, it keeps you nice and cool."- Sinead
 "The best bit for me about the gilet is to be able to securely stick the night torch on the front of it is a genuine game changer for the dark nights I was nervous it might fall off but so far so good and I have been using it a lot a good strong hold ,
it’s been brilliant trying the gear out" - Aisling
"I attached both lights to the front & back of the jacket as it was nearly dark as i went out for my run. I went with the white light at the front and red flashing light at the back." -Sinead


Fully Reflective Jacket & Gilet

Fully Reflective Jacket

The purpose of the fully reflective jacket is to be fully visible to other road users when using the roads. The jacket is better suited to a walker/cyclist or for brief periods of running. The jacket is water resistant and has been made using heavier fabric, making it less ideal for running. Stephen tested out the fully reflective jacket to it's limits and here was what he found.



"Got the jacket today, its savage, tons of pockets, hood, bright, the only thing is, its way too big for me, I thought XL would be grand but its huge, I over estimated my size. (Stephen sized down to a medium) Still slightly loose on me, I'm not a medium usually, I'm usually a L or XL depending on the fit, I've wide shoulders so I size up usually." - Stephen


"The jacket is lovely and warm on runs in the morning, great at rain repelling, and of course is super reflective which is very important for the morning/evening running. Having all the pockets is handy to. A negative is that the reflective material on it wore after one wear with the night runner belt on around my waist, it cracked off on some of the folds right around the waist area, that was after an 8k. " - Stephen


 Fully Reflective Gilet

The fully reflective gilet makes for a good choice to enjoy any activity on the road. The gilet is very light and very bright making it perfect for running also.

"It was a great fit. I really liked it as it gave enough cover from the wind but also really reflective. Once running you wouldn't notice at all. The vent on the back is a great idea as you don't over heat."- Barry

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