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How Fluorescent Colours Could Save Your Life

How Fluorescent Colours Could Save Your Life

Running in rural areas often means narrow roads with tight bends making visibility very low. For some, these roads are the only option to get out for a run, walk or cycle. By wearing brighter colours the chances of being seen are far higher. 

Figures released in January 2023 from the RSA show an increase in fatalities among pedestrians from the year previous. Over a quarter of all road fatalities in 2022 were pedestrians (42) and 7 were cyclists. The statistics are shocking and saddening.  

Fluorescent colours are a must for walkers, runners and cyclists. Here’s why fluorescent colours are so important. 

Firstly, not all fluorescent colours work as well for visibility as others and here's why. Fluorescent colours use a larger amount of both the visible spectrum and the lower wavelengths compared to conventional colours. You can get most colours in a fluorescent or neon version, however, Green, Pink, Yellow and Orange are the best by far for road safety. These colours help you to stand out from the environment, whereas the other less bright colours do the opposite and you essentially blend into the background. 

Fluorescent colours are great for morning and daytime. During the day, UV rays from the sun react with the fluorescent colour making it become brighter and more visible. This effect creates somewhat of a glow, so whether you are walking on a dull morning or misty, foggy conditions you will still be visible. 


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In very low-lit conditions and at night time, the fluorescent colours will not be effective so an LED light or reflective wear is essential. Oncoming traffic will be alerted to your presence sooner and will be able to use caution when passing you. 

For all pedestrians, the use of fluorescent clothing is so important, especially during the day. Whether it is a rural or more built-up area, making yourself as visible as possible to all road users will significantly decrease your chances of being involved in an accident. 

Being safe and seen is crucial but let's face it, nobody wants to be out running in a council jacket. That’s why we have a range of stylish safety wear for all road users suitable for day and night.  

We would like to see the EU Road Safety: Vision Zero become a reality and educating and informing all road users of the potential dangers is part of that. 

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