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Why Being Reflective is so Important

Why Being Reflective is so Important

There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to safety wear. When you're out and about, lightweight, comfortable clothing that keeps you safe is the main objective. Reflective material for clothing is one of the most useful and practical inventions out there. It’s a versatile material that can be used in a variety of areas.  


Reflective wear can be used for work, exercise, daily commuting on foot or cycling. In a work place environment, it helps prevent accidents, while emergency services use it to alert oncoming traffic of potential danger. Reflective material can also protect you from the elements. It has waterproof properties helping you keep dry but can also protect you from cold and hot weather. The material itself is very lightweight so when it is added to a running garment such as a vest you get a lightweight material that is comfortable to wear and vital to your safety. 

In the dark, reflective materials worn on garments, armbands or bicycles can be seen by drivers using their headlights up to three times as far away as non – reflective materials. You become visible to a driver in non reflective clothing at roughly 50 metres away. When reflective is worn you are visible from 150 metres away.  


The use of this material can make our roads safer for everybody. When it comes to walking, running and cycling, the use of reflective garments are not just for remote areas where there is little to no light, they are extremely beneficial in urban and built-up areas too. It increases your chances of being seen by every road user. The reflective material will pick up any source of light making you easily identifiable. 

The use of reflective vests when running/ walking in a group is essential especially in low light or the dark. Most cycling groups will have fully reflective clothing so they can be seen from afar. This increases your visibility and alerts other road users to slow down and proceed with caution. 

Reflective material is a universal signal to all people to take some level of caution especially on the road. From pedestrians and cyclists to emergency workers, we need to all be able to see one another. Fluorescent vests and coats with the added reflective details are growing in popularity which is great to see. They come in various designs and patterns so there is one to suit everyone.  For added security when out and about in the dark evenings, adding an LED light to your overall outfit would be a great way to ensure the highest level of visibility. 

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