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  • ADJUSTABLE: One size fits all design: Fits waists 26" up to 60"
  • RELIABLE: A new and charged battery lasts a long time (up to 12 hours in flashing mode).
  • SAFETY: The LED reflective vest gives off a good stripe of green light on the front and on the back (more importantly) two long strips of red light. But this was not enough for us so for ultimate safety & visibility we added reflective elements throughout the vest so you are seen from all angles.
  • RECHARGEABLE: The very thin rechargeable battery supplies power to both the front and back of the LED vest. The advantage of a very thin battery is that you don't even notice it's there. In addition, it is rechargeable which is firstly very convenient and secondly also more environmentally conscious than batteries that you have to replace.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT: For the features that this vest has it is very lightweight, at 120 grams, you will forget you are wearing the vest.
  • STORAGE: A pocket provides enough space for your ID, keys, a gel, a bank card, a smartphone.
  • FOR: Ideal for running, walking, cycling. Ideal for cities, towns, or villages where there is a considerable amount of traffic.
  • DESIGN: This vest was designed 100% entirely in our Carlow factory. 
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: The LED Vest is not suitable for machine washing. It is recommended to clean the vest by hand using a lightly damp cloth and warm soapy water making sure to avoid the battery pack, the on/off switch and the bottom of the 2 LED strips at the back. 

Maximum dimensions for pocket

100mm (10cm)
160mm (16cm)
  • SIZING: 
 Minimum Waist Size Maximum Waist Size
26 Inches 60 Inches

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