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Product Testing September 2023

Product Testing September 2023

September usually sees the last of the good weather, it's not long before we begin thinking more about sitting by the fire than booking those seaside holidays. When it comes to staying active outdoors, a lot of people who enjoy running and walking in urban area or along roads in more remote areas will start to think about how visible they are to other road users. We aim to have something suitable for everyone so we can light them up out on the roads, whether it is walking, cycling, running or simply commuting. We try our best to reach all road users and supply something for every one. This month, we had some of our product testers try out items that are perfect for summer and products suitable for all year round. 

Summer headband

Previously, we had only the reflective headbands which are perfect for colder weather and winter. A lot of customers were so pleased with the reflective headbands that we decided we wanted to have something to offer for the summer months. Our brightly coloured, lightweight headbands proved to be rather popular with our testers that were trying them out.


"I’m the right person to try this out. I wear glasses and find it hard to get a headband that doesn’t give me a headache and this is perfect. I went out for a run and wore my ear pods and they stayed in place perfect and my glasses didn’t hurt my ears. I’d say I buy a headband every few weeks and end up dumping them because they are either too thick or too tight or just bulky. Your one not only looks cool it even lets the air circulate so I can hear traffic coming behind me. I love love it so much." - Ellen

"I got the new product yesterday. Instantly loved it, gorgeous colour. Couldn’t wait to try it out and any excuse for a run, did a 5k with it, it was very windy at the time so kept the ears covered and the hair in place. The headband was such a practical piece of kit for a long day standing on the blustery peer looking out on to dingle harbour as well as taking many a walk around the town during the day." - Aisling 



"I wore the headband  today with my ear pods and sunglasses and it kept everything in place. I got no headaches like I would if the headband was too tight and not one bead of sweat went into my eyes .Glasses stayed in place and no sweat built up in them." - Ellen


"Tried the headband out with wired earphones on last weekend on hike/run, the weather was the usual mixed bag. Sunshine, gusts of wind and downpours of rain, the headband was perfect on my evening out. I did initially want use the Air Pod type earphones but my daughter wouldn’t part with them,  so I used my alternative ‘old fashioned‘ wired ones instead they are similar shape to Air Pods and they worked perfectly. I am so impressed with the headband so far. I have also worn it out to other events such as a spectator at my daughter's most recent regatta I found it such a practicality for this. The headband kept my ears warm, and stopped my hair blowing around.” - Aisling

Doggylite V2 Collar & Lead

The Doggylite V2 Collar & Lead have been tremendously popular over the years. Our customers take the safety of their dogs very seriously as do we. The very bright LED light emitted from the collar and lead can be seen from far away and leaves you feeling more safe and confident while taking your best friend for walk on dimly lit roads or darker evenings. Two of our product testers tried out the collar and lead and here is what they had to say.


"Myself and my Dog Púca are thoroughly impressed, the build quality of the Lead and Dog Collar is excellent. The materials used feel durable and long-lasting, giving me confidence that they will withstand even the most active of dogs including mine, a large Golden Retriever who runs long distances with me.The collar buckles and clips are sturdy, my dog stayed secure during our walks without any worries of it coming undone. As my mutt tends to jump in the canal or any body of water when I’m not looking, I’m not sure how well the charging port will fare out as this does not appear to be waterproof so best avoiding submersion. Rain and splashes should be no problem."- Keith


I like the safety lock that ensures that the tough collar buckle will not open. The tough lead clip design is very clever with the lever cut at an angle assisting quick securing of the collar to the lead particularly in the dark. The collar will fit my dog nicely. It is really, really bright! There is a small rechargeable panel with on/off button on both the collar and lead that operates the varying light sequence."

"Some cars that approached me actually slowed down. Job done, we were safe. Púca is now truly protected and pimped!"-Keith

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